Don’t Ease Up On the Brakes!

Vaccine Indicators

The sooner we vaccinate and the better we tamp down spread, the lower the risk from variants. We’ve had steady — though rocky and uneven — progress with vaccination. This week, @ResolveTSL and partners the American Public Health Association, Trust for America’s Health, Association of Schools and Programs of Public Health, and Center for Health Security at The Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health released recommendations for vaccine indicatorsevery state should collect and publicly share to inform decision-making and provide accountability and transparency in vaccine rollout.

Vaccine News

There’s been a tsunami of information on vaccines in the past week. The Johnson & Johnson vaccine is promising: single dose, easy to handle, 85% protection against severe illness. Every new way to fight Covid helps. We can expect approval in February and increasingly widespread availability of this vaccine starting in April.

Variants threaten

So if we’re ramping up vaccination, and the proportion of people with immunity from infection (which, as another and very interesting study shows, is likely protective) is increasing steadily, what could possibly go wrong?



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Dr. Tom Frieden

Dr. Tom Frieden

President and CEO, Resolve to Save Lives | Former CDC Director and NYC Health Commissioner | Focused on saving lives.