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  • Coronavirus Visualization Team

    Coronavirus Visualization Team

    We are a group of students at various universities across the United States trying to make a difference on the ongoing pandemic

  • Scott Lamb

    Scott Lamb

    vp, creator relations @ medium

  • Nabarun Dasgupta, MPH, PhD

    Nabarun Dasgupta, MPH, PhD

    Epidemiologist on faculty at the Univ. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (US). Germs, drugs, side effects. Co-founder Epidemico, Project Lazarus, OpioidData.org

  • Dana G Smith

    Dana G Smith

    Health and science writer • PhD in 🧠 • Words in Scientific American, STAT, The Atlantic, The Guardian • Award-winning Covid-19 coverage for Elemental

  • Robert Roy Britt

    Robert Roy Britt

    Independent health & science journalist writing motivationally about the science of physical health & mental wellness. Former editor-in-chief of LiveScience.

  • Emily Mullin

    Emily Mullin

    Former staff writer at Medium, where I covered biotech, genetics, and Covid-19 for OneZero, Future Human, Elemental, and the Coronavirus Blog.

  • Robert A. Hahn

    Robert A. Hahn

    Anthropologist/epidemiologist, recently retired, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Author: Sickness and Healing; An Anthropological Perspective

  • Gideon M-K; Health Nerd

    Gideon M-K; Health Nerd

    Epidemiologist. Writer. Podcaster. Twitter https://twitter.com/GidMK FB www.facebook.com/gidmkhealthnerd/ Email gidmk.healthnerd@gmail.com

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