Now or Never

1. Science as a verb.

  • Governments across the United States and throughout the world adopted many of our evidence-based strategies to control the pandemic, including:
  • Using an adaptive response to the pandemic, which we released more than a year ago and updated regularly as more information became available. The concept, and most of the details on phased reopening guidance, were adopted by the White House, although unfortunately the strategy wasn’t followed.
  • Best practice reports on the impact of public health and social measures led to wider adoption of these measures.
  • Boxing in the virus to prevent explosive spread and reopen society as soon and as safely as possible.
  • Establishing alert level systems to provide a framework to support clear decision-making, improve accountability, and better communicate with the public. Many states and countries adopt this tool, and we partnered with the New York Times to make a consistent system across the U.S. available to all.
  • Reopening schools while prioritizing the safety of students and their families, teachers and staff, and the entire community.
  • Communicating the importance of wearing masks and implementing mask mandates to prevent viral transmission and slow community spread.
  • Measuring and reporting essential Covid indicators.
  • Implementing, along with our Vital Strategies colleagues, rapid mortality surveillance to better track the pandemic.

2. Funding to stop outbreaks — provided quickly.

A health worker stands in a testing booth while another sanitizes his gloves.
COVID-19 test preparations in Ogun, Nigeria. Rapid Response Teams in Nigeria were supported by Resolve to Save Lives.

3. Working alongside partners to build capacity

4. Stopping Covid in the U.S. — especially among vulnerable populations.

5. Honoring our health care heroes by protecting them.

6. Basing action on evidence.

7. Primary care is primary.

  • Dispensing 3–6 months of medication for patients with stable hypertension.
  • Delivering medications directly to patients.
  • Increasing use of telemedicine and other virtual technologies including phone, email, and text messaging.
  • Treating and monitoring at convenient locations in the community.

8. Using policy to save lives.

9. Spread truth.

This moment brings a once-in-a-century opportunity. It’s now or never.



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