What’s Next With Covid Vaccination — Are We There Yet?


Dazzling scientific progress, huge government investments, and good fortune have introduced a game changer in our pandemic fight, but we face daunting hurdles. How can we ensure the arrival of vaccines doesn’t go to waste?

Most public health specialists, myself included, didn’t expect vaccines to be so effective or to be ready this quickly, but important questions remain, and we face daunting hurdles ahead.

We must immediately launch an unprecedented vaccination campaign, protect nursing homes, make plans for immunity certificates, and prepare the world for the next threat.

In a new essay for the Wall Street Journal, I share how the US can navigate the perils of the looming vaccination campaign. The challenge is immense, but we can do it.

Read my full essay here. (No paywall!)

Covid vaccines are coming but aren’t here yet — the pandemic continues.



Dr. Tom Frieden

President and CEO, Resolve to Save Lives | Former CDC Director and NYC Health Commissioner | Focused on saving lives. twitter.com/drtomfrieden